*WARNING* Gushing to Follow

It always makes my day to read my hubby's blog and read something sweet he wrote about me. Isaac is a strong advocate of words of affirmation, and he frequently reminds me that he's in love with me and he thinks I am beautiful. My love language is quality time, so I don't do as well making sure I tell him how much I love him, so right now I am going to gush. . .

Isaac is my hero. He's the definition of self-sacrifice. Right now he's working three jobs so I can stay at home with our baby Andie. Not only does he work hard, but he tries to make sure that I'm living out my dreams. He doesn't want to ever hinder me from doing all that I can. He doesn't limit me, ever.

At times I wonder, "Do other couples really have it this good? Is it possible that someone could be as in-love as we are?" I love being married. Next to my walk with Christ, deciding to marry Isaac is the best decision I have ever made. He makes me a better person. He completes me. I can't imagine life without him.

They say "opposites attract." While one of our running lines is finding things we have in common and labeling them as "proof that we're soulmates," we are very opposite in many ways. One of the best ways is that I am way too serious and he is, well, for lack of a better word, a booger. Isaac always finds ways to make people smile. He's always cracking a joke. He can find the fun, or he can be the fun, in any situation. I truly desire that Andie takes this away from him. At times his humor has driven me crazy when I just wanted to be serious for a moment, but for the most part, it comes at exactly the right time and balances me out.  

I look forward to introducing him to other people. I'm proud of my husband. I know that when others meet him, they'll want to be his friend. He's not intimidating. He's down-to-earth and one of the most sincere guys I know.

I love this man. And he loves me with all of my flaws. Wow. I really wonder, does anyone else have it this good? I hope so. 


Kyna said...

I love these pictures... I wanna see some of you and Andie as well. :)

nicole said...

i love the pics...she is beautiful...i wish tennyson had that much hair!wpy