Cloth diapers don't intimidate me anymore

I'm finally getting more comfortable with my cloth diapers. It took a little to realize that part of my problem is that my cute baby's bootie is stinkin' small. I've started doubling up the prefolds that I put in the outside covers and voila, less leakage! My other problem was that I was in denial about how often I'd have to do laundry. With as few covers as I have, every other day is preferable. I've got 4 outside covers and 20+ prefolds, and I go through both like water. If I had at least 2 more covers and 10 more prefolds, I could last another day. I'm not worried though because everything I've read says that the older they get, the less they poop. Less poop=less covers getting dirty=less laundry. Woo hoo! Plus, once my baby's bum properly fits in the covers, I won't have to use 2 prefolds at a time. Yay!

I love to buy local. I think capitalism is a wonderful thing, and I love it when people begin a business based on a dream, and they make a living doing that business. In Tulsa, there are two places that are great for organic and natural supplies, support and classes. Ludeby's Ecobaby (www.lundebys.com) on Brookside is one of my favs. As soon as you walk in the store, you're nostrils are flooded with the smell of wood. Ah, fresh wood. I love it! Ludeby's is great for supplies once you've had your baby all they way through toddlers. Another fav of mine is Natural Lullabies. This store is really good for pregnancy through birth. The classes they offer is what sets them apart. We took their childbirth classes and loved them. We also used a doula, Angela James, from there, and I couldn't have made it through birth without her. I HIGHLY recommend a doula for birth if you're choosing to go without drugs. I have an extremely supportive husband who was absolutely fabulous during the entire birthing process, but I still couldn't have made it without Angela.  All this to say, I got all of my cloth diaper stuff from these two stores.

If you're looking to save money on cloth diapers, then I highly recommend checking out craigslist and ebay first. Some will sell used diapers. . .which I tend to shy away from, but many will sell new ones for bargain prices. As I said before, try a little of everything to start with and see what works best for you.


baby girl

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but the reality that my husband and I created a new person, a human, a baby girl is a miracle that is almost impossible to wrap my head around. I've seen families grow throughout my lifetime, and I know how it all works. But I never imagined that it would take away my breath each time I held her in my arms or marveled at how much her sleeping face resembles her father. It's another person. She's going to look to me for guidance, for comfort, for encouragement, for knowledge. Wow. 

A million questions flood my mind: Will she look up to me? Will she want to be like me? Will she have my mannerisms? Will she laugh all the time and cry only when necessary? Will she have her dad's sense of humor? Will she love God with all of her heart? Will she be okay each time I leave her in someone else's arms? Will she sift through my weaknesses and focus on my strengths? What will her strengths be? Will she lead the nation or a small group of friends? Will she prefer to be a supporter, someone behind the scenes?  Will she be a girly girl or a tomboy? Will she love to read and write like her mother or will she want to work with her hands like her father? Will she hug me when I cry? Will she want to borrow my clothes? Will she think I'm a "cool" mom or one that has to drop her off a block away from school? Will she love traveling as much as I do? 

I love the show Gilmore Girls, and at times I feel like I should be taking notes. I love how close Rori and Loralei are, but I don't agree with every aspect of their relationship. Children need parents, not friends to guide them through their young life. I want my relationship with my baby to be like Gilmore Girls when she's an adult and making decisions of her own. But I know that getting to that place is contingent upon how I lead her through the next eighteen years. In one show, Loralei responds to her mom's question of why they can't be close like she and Rori are close, "Because, Mom. Rori and are friends first and mom and daughter second. You and I will always be mother and daughter." I believe you can be mother and daughter first and friends when you're adults and still have a connection like Rori and Loralei.

A thousand doubts fill my mind, but they fly through without any invitation to make a nest. I choose to dwell on Truth, and I am convinced that "the truth shall set me free." 


Cloth Diapers

Reasons I started using cloth diapers:

1) Money--we save money on this one and all future babies!
2) I'd rather organic cloth be rubbing on my baby's bum than chemicals and plastic stuff.

Since this is my first baby and first attempt at cloth diapers, I decided to buy a little bit of everything and see what works best. So far, here's what I've learned.

1) There must be an art to properly placing a prefold in a liner because my liners almost ALWAYS get dirty, so I run through them as quickly as I run through the prefolds. Grrr.

2) The wool covers are cute, but they (along with most covers, even the "newborn" sizes) don't really work until the baby is older. If you're starting cloth diapers, I'd strongly suggest using disposables (Seventh Generation is our fav) until your baby is bigger, maybe 12 pounds? My baby's not that big yet, but I imagine things will stay in place a lot easier and leak less when she is.

3) Give yourself plenty of time to make the adjustment. We started on disposable, and even now, weeks into the deal, we're using disposables when we go out. Baby steps. Until I feel I have mastered cloth diapers better so that changes are quick and painless, then I will venture out with a diaper bag stocked with prefolds.

4) Brands I'm using so far--Bummis covers, ImseVanse flannel contour diapers and organic cotton covers, Aristocrats wool covers, organic prefolds--Gerber and SC Koon. I also have some Snappis to keep the contours in place--don't like them at all. I like that I'm not using pins, but these don't really hold anything.



I hate health books that promote one way of eating and claim it will fix your entire life. Half of the time the sample menus they provide in the back look both expensive and enough to keep a small yellow finch satisfied. I've found that one particular way of eating is impossible for me to follow (and my husband always finds ways to cheat) Instead, my "diet" consists of taking just the really good stuff from each diet and incorporating it into my daily routine. For example, my menu yesterday:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, walnuts, raspberries covered in maple syrup and almond milk (raw food diet)

Snack: Toasted whole wheat English muffin with soy butter and low sugar strawberry jam (what good health magazine would frown on that?)

Lunch: Sprouted wheat tortilla, avocado, and mixed veggies. Toasted like a pizza. (Idea from Rachel Ray, I just made it with ingredients I actually had in the kitchen)

Snack: Chocolate made-from-scratch ice cream with fresh raspberries on top (you won't find that in any diet book!)

Dinner: Fried ravioli with turkey cutlets (Rachel Ray again, http://rachaelray.com/recipe.php?recipe_id=1147&r=531,1147,1158)

I must admit, I'm someone who likes, no, LOVES to cook, so a recipe from foood network excites, does not discourage, me. There's some healthy elements to the day's food, and there's some unhealthy ones. This menu is after five years of baby steps toward becoming more healthy. It all starts with replacing one food at a time. Instead of cooked oatmeal, raw. Instead of buying Land O Lakes, I bought the soy butter. Instead of buying flour tortillas, I buy sprouted wheat. That way, when I'm following a recipe, I know I'm using healthy ingredients. I'll share more of my substitutions as time goes on.

The other two keys to healthy eating:

1) Don't stock the kitchen with junk food--if it's there, I WILL eat it!

2) Make a menu and grocery list and ONLY buy that.

One step at a time. Baby steps. It's doable and it's yummy!


children's books reviews. . .
a healthy lifestyle. . .
going green (sort of). . .
being a wife, mom & friend. . .
. . .all topics I try to find a place for in my life while maintaining a semblance of balance. You won't find me to be fanatical about anything; instead, my desire is to share keys I have found to being able to successfully do all of the above without losing touch with reality or becoming that person you hate.