Cloth diapers don't intimidate me anymore

I'm finally getting more comfortable with my cloth diapers. It took a little to realize that part of my problem is that my cute baby's bootie is stinkin' small. I've started doubling up the prefolds that I put in the outside covers and voila, less leakage! My other problem was that I was in denial about how often I'd have to do laundry. With as few covers as I have, every other day is preferable. I've got 4 outside covers and 20+ prefolds, and I go through both like water. If I had at least 2 more covers and 10 more prefolds, I could last another day. I'm not worried though because everything I've read says that the older they get, the less they poop. Less poop=less covers getting dirty=less laundry. Woo hoo! Plus, once my baby's bum properly fits in the covers, I won't have to use 2 prefolds at a time. Yay!

I love to buy local. I think capitalism is a wonderful thing, and I love it when people begin a business based on a dream, and they make a living doing that business. In Tulsa, there are two places that are great for organic and natural supplies, support and classes. Ludeby's Ecobaby (www.lundebys.com) on Brookside is one of my favs. As soon as you walk in the store, you're nostrils are flooded with the smell of wood. Ah, fresh wood. I love it! Ludeby's is great for supplies once you've had your baby all they way through toddlers. Another fav of mine is Natural Lullabies. This store is really good for pregnancy through birth. The classes they offer is what sets them apart. We took their childbirth classes and loved them. We also used a doula, Angela James, from there, and I couldn't have made it through birth without her. I HIGHLY recommend a doula for birth if you're choosing to go without drugs. I have an extremely supportive husband who was absolutely fabulous during the entire birthing process, but I still couldn't have made it without Angela.  All this to say, I got all of my cloth diaper stuff from these two stores.

If you're looking to save money on cloth diapers, then I highly recommend checking out craigslist and ebay first. Some will sell used diapers. . .which I tend to shy away from, but many will sell new ones for bargain prices. As I said before, try a little of everything to start with and see what works best for you.

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Evie said...

This is so helpful Joy! Thank you for posting, its nice to hear from someone that it IS possible. :) Great blog too! BTW, I signed up yesterday for childbirth classes at Natural Lullabies. I'm excited!