Wednesday Walkthrough

For this week's walkthrough, let's take a quick look in your trash can :)

Recycling, obviously, reduces waste, and it saves money because you're not buying new things. Here's a few things I've recycled lately that have come in extra handy.

1. Coffee grounds. I was just reading in my Organic Gardening that coffee grounds are especially good as fertilizer for your rose bushes. I promptly emptied my French press and took the grounds outside. I've also heard that pouring coffee grounds down your disposal is good for it too!

2. Containers with snap or twist lids. One of my baby's favorite toys right now is a cleaned-up trail mix container that she puts her wooden blocks in. Her favorite games right now consist of taking things out/off and then putting them back. The trail mix container is no exception. She likes that it's see-through so she can monitor her progress, and the wide mouth of the jar makes it easy for her to reach in. Take this up a notch and cut the lid with a hole the same shape as the blocks. Now the fun is an accelerated-learning toy matching shapes with objects.

3. Leftovers in your glasses. Sometimes my home resembles the living room from the movie Signs--half-full water glasses scattered about the coffee table, TV, bookshelves, etc. Instead of dumping all that unused water down the drain, use the leftovers to water your inside plants. Personally, I'm terrible at remembering to water my plants, so this actually helps me water more frequently because I do it every time I pick up around the house. BONUS: You can also share your leftover tea with your houseplants too. Not sure of the science, but they love it. I have a plant that was truly on its last days, but once I started sharing my tea with it, the plant came back to life and started sprouting more leaves. A miracle!

What about you? What recycling tips do you have for things around the house? Please share!

Stay tuned next week when we walk through your bathroom--not only will you get great tips, but you'll learn about one of my favorite organic soaps, and you can be part of my first-ever giveaway!

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This Is Us said...

I've been saving my egg shells for use in my garden to help protect the plants from snails and slugs. Rinse them out with water, let them dry and crush them. The sharp edges are supposed to discourage the slimy things from getting to your plants. I've been storing them in my freezer all winter. Sadly, my garden doesn't exist yet, so I deposited them in my compost bin. Maybe next year!