Wednesday Walkthrough . . . Oxymoron: Toxic Soap?

Let's take a stroll to your bathroom and check the label on your soap dispenser.

Right now the number-one recommendation to avoid H1N1 is to wash your hands, but is it possible that you could be washing your hands with toxic soap? While the effects may not be as immediately apparent as flu symptoms, the ramifications are worth considering.

The EWG recently posted a great article about choosing a "safer soap." Some of the more outstanding talking points are as follows:

1. When choosing a soap, avoid ones containing triclocarbon, triclosan, or fragrance. Triclosan is one of the EWG's "top seven chemicals for children to avoid." (It has a negative effect on your liver, thyroid, and may cause "bacterial resistance to antibiotics." It is also hard to clear from the water, so it can spread to drinking water and other treated water sources.)
2. Anti-bacterial soaps are just as effective as regular soaps, so they are not necessary. BUT they also usually contain triclosan, which you want to avoid.
3. Hand sanitizers are semi-effective, but they do not remove dirt and dust which can have chemicals in it. If you use a hand sanitizer, it's best to choose one that is alcohol based. And watch out for those frangrances!

To read the entire article, click here.

(Photo courtesy of soapylovedeb.)


Katie said...

This was very helpful. I'm always trying to learn WHY certain toiletries and cosmetics are bad for you, this really helps narrow it down.I don't know if you've read it but "Gorgeously Green" is such a good book! It gives all kinds info about the toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies, cosmetics etc. It's a great book.I bet you'd like it. Thanks for the tips :)

ExpressYourself said...

Toxic soap? Oh my.... :( Another thing to add to the list of things "not" to do! lol

List of things "Not" to do:
DO NOT eat the meat
DO NOT drink the milk
DO NOT drink the water
DO NOT eat the corn
DO NOT use the soap

:) <3