Nursery Update

Bonus post: I'm just so excited about my nursery plans, I had to share!

Nesting has morphed into motivation to work on my nursery. I've been shopping, organizing, and for the first time in my life, trying paint samples (instead of just holding the little cards up to the wall).

Okay, so here's the run down so far.

This is the print we bought to base the colors/theme off of:

This is the nursery that I'm using as inspiration. Simple. Fun. Not too babyish. I'm going to paint some of my frames the red/orange in my giraffe print to match this nursery. I'm still on the prowl for an appropriate wooden or stuffed giraffe. Any suggestions?

And I just entered this giveaway for bedding that would just make me giddy, but I wouldn't justify spending this much (at least for this baby). If you want to enter on my behalf and send your winnings my way, I'd greatly appreciate it ;-) And isn't that rug fabulous?!

Paint colors: We're either going to do a really really light version of the green (on the sample it almost looks white) or a darker beige that matches the browner spots on the print.

I bought baskets galore at Hobby Lobby's 50 percent off sale, and I'm filling my built-in bookshelf with those for more storage--it's a tiny room, so I have to utilize all the space I can.

Next decisions:

1. The closet lost some space because of the built-in bookshelves, so I'm debating a shelving system inside again for more space, or just a bar and top shelf so I can stack rubbermaid boxes along the floor.

2. Furniture: I only need a dresser and crib. White or a light colored wood? Here's my dilemma: Currently the room has a cherry wood floor & ceiling fan, maple book shelves, and black wooden desk. The trim and built-in shelves are white. And as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to paint my frames red. I think we'll either go with white or a lighter wood stain. What do you think? I'm looking to buy used, so it might just be decided by what I can find.

Tonight we prep the room for painting. Can't wait!

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