34 Weeks Prego

the roaming suitcases
**Photo courtesy of Noizyboy**

Just got a Babycenter email encouraging me to pack my bag for the hospital. I'm really conflicted on this advice.

A.) I would guess the majority of the people receiving these emails are first-time pregos. If that's the case, then the chances of them going full-term are pretty stinking good. Doesn't this just set them up for being even MORE anxious about the upcoming birth by having them pack FIVE WEEKS in advance? There's so much of a mental game during the whole pregnancy term--hearing everyone's crazy story and battling the fears that your imagination conjures up; being patient and letting your body do it's thing, yet being impatient because you're so uncomfortable and "they" say you can deliver a healthy baby as early as thirty-six weeks; "eating for two" yet not wanting to gain an exorbitant amount of weight so not sure what to eat and when; etc.--wouldn't it be more prudent to send out these emails with disclaimers or statistics.

For example, "There's a small chance (about 15 percent of you) who will go into labor in the next couple of weeks, so it may be prudent to start putting together a bag for the hospital." That way, if the person packs and then doesn't deliver the next day, they can calm themselves with the fact that they're part of the 85 percent of women who go into labor at forty weeks or later. (I completely made up this statistic for illustration purposes. Did you know 83 percent of statistics are made up anyway? Yeah, I made that up too.)

B.) Is this another sign that I'm going to have this baby early? I know everyone gets this email, but does everyone bother to read it? And does everyone get this riled up over it that they feel the need to blog about it? I'm guessing I'm in the minority here.

C.) Even if I do go into labor in the next couple of weeks, how likely is it that I won't have time to labor at home and pack my bag? I mean, seriously, we all know that most labors are over ten hours (again, I'm just guessing), so how come you couldn't use those first few hours of less intense contractions to distract yourself with some packing and prepping for the hospital?

Okay, the rant is over. I probably won't pack my bag this week or next. I figure September 4th is the soonest I'd go into labor (because that's my self-imposed deadline to finish all my editing projects), and I've got to push some of those last-minute hospital prep items off until then. I'll be fine, right? (Famous last words) We'll see how this plays out!


uyetakestar17 said...

I think you'll go early....but stop freaking out about it....It's all in good timing!!!! I'm just praying that nothing happens to greg or I when you do go into labor.

This Is Us said...

With Sophie I was induced because my amniotic fluid index was below one. I didn't pack until they told me to go straight to labor and delivery. I didn't follow their instructions and instead went home and packed while I waited for my husband to come home from work and then went back to the hospital with him.
Really, you've probably thought about everything you need to take with you. How long can it really take to pack? And you know if you forgot something, one of your wonderful family members or friends would be able to pick it up for you, right? Besides, who wants to be tripping on a bag for possible weeks and weeks?

3 Little Chicks said...

Don't freak out. Do pack a bag. You've been cleaning, painting, and "nesting" even though Baby isn't here yet. Packing a bag is just part of nesting.

I had my twins at 34 weeks and was glad I had my bag packed. When my water broke I took my time getting to the hospital (a little over an hour). I was experiencing strong but mostly painless contractions, so I assumed I had hours and hours and hours to go before I would give birth.

Imagine everyone's surprise when, upon arrival, I was found to be over 8cm. with Piper wanting to come out! Due to a C-section (Riley was flipped) everything was over and done with an hour after I walked into the hospital!

Let's believe this go around will be much easier and faster for you than your first one.

- no worries - just prepared with your bag packed. It's nesting.

Hugs to you, Joy!

kyna said...

pack if you want, and if you dont, I can go pack for you while you labor in the hospital... did it for Bree on her first and would be glad to do the same for you! Love you, so excited to see this baby's sweet little face!