Disposables Can't Keep Up

I am a classic Type-A mama. I've got my to-do lists, my routines, and my schedules. I love to plan, and I stay very busy. Minutes don't get wasted in my day. I'm a problem solver. When there's a problem, I fix it. Right away. I don't wait around for someone else to fix said problem, and I hate it when I ask for help and the so-called experts know less than I do. But my biggest pet peeve is when I use a product that only has one function, and when that function isn't working, that product is useless. Useless product = a waste of money that I have no control over.

Many of my readers know that I'm a cloth-diapering mama. I have sung its praises over and again, and I have guided many along in their quest to begin using cloth diapers. (Read this post for my most helpful FAQ blog about cloth diapering.) I started three years ago because I saw the potential for saving money and controlling which substances constantly rub on my baby's bum. What I've recently come to appreciate is the fact that any pee/poop challenge I encounter along the way, I can find a solution. (Disposable diapers don't afford me that luxury.) Right now, my challenge is a heavy wetter. I've read through friends' (who use disposables) threads on FB asking for solutions to heavy-wetter problems, and the answers boils down to only one option--get up and change the sleeping baby in the middle of the night. Ugh. No, thank you.

I've got a heavy wetter who soaks through disposables at night like a champ, but the solutions to my challenge are numerous in the cloth-diapering world. Right now my daughter, who has a protruding belly that could rival Buddha, wears a diaper to bed that basically balances out her belly in front with a ginormous fluffy bum in the back. Watching her waddle through the hallway in her PJs will bring a smile to the stubbornest of haters. It's really that cute. But more importantly, it's under control and doesn't cost me more money.

I start with a BumGenius pocket diaper, trifold a Hemp Babies insert, and stuff it in the pocket under the full-size insert. Then I layer another Flip cover over top of the BG just to keep it all together and add extra protection. Voila! Dry baby in the morning. Problem solved quickly, and I didn't lose money on useless product along the way--easy and inexpensive.

So, while I started cloth diapering because I wanted to save money and keep yucky chemicals away from my baby's bum, I've found that cloth diapers offer even more benefits:

1. I get to sleep through the night. Ahhh.
2. If my baby wakes up soaked in the morning (yes, she's that heavy of a wetter--we love our agua in this house), then I have other options to try or more layers to add. I don't have to (excuse my cliche, no pun intended) throw the baby out with the (quite dirty) "bath" water. I get to keep my baby, my diapers, and I can always find a solution. Even if I reach a wall in my limited knowledge of cloth diapering, through the networking I've done online, I always have a cloth-diaper mama with an answer who's only a few clicks away. Or I can get on Cotton Babies' website (my favorite source for cloth diapers and accessories) and find answers in their forums, on their live chat, or by calling their helpful customer service.

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Rachel said...

Currently, we're using cloth on a newborn. Our stash is composed of prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones and all-in-twos. I love how these diapers can all serve different purposes and be used in different situations! Our favorite right now are fitteds, but we'll see how that changes as our son grows.

Krystyn said...

Those are some really good points. I didn't even think about the added options of CDing and how you likely have everything you already need in your hands.

Having two previous heavy wetters (well, #2 is still a night time wetter), I know I'll need to remember this with #3 next month.

Joy said...

@Rachel--I'd love to hear back from you when your son's a little bigger. It's always good to know other people's experience for future reference. =)

@Krystyn--Congrats! Feel free to send questions (and pictures!) my way when #3 is here =)

Shaky Mommy said...

I like that diaper she's wearing in the pic. What kind of diaper is that?

And hemp is amazing at night! Love waking up to a dry baby!

Joy said...

@Shaky Mama--I'm pretty sure there's a BG under there. That print is actually a bloomer cover for one of her dresses =)