When you sneeze, someone says, "Bless you" or "gesundheit." But when you hiccup, what should someone say? My baby has hiccups all the time. She even had them frequently in the womb. When she starts that cute little baby hic, I feel compelled to say something. But what should it be? Usually I just ask the question, "Do you have hiccups, baby girl?" I'm sure if she was old enough she'd call me out on my dumb question, but it's all I can come up with for now. Any suggestions?

Solutions for hiccups that I've heard:
1. Hold your breath--now that's just cruel to try and get a baby to do.
2. Drink water--I've tried nursing her and that works.
3. Put a tiny bit of sugar on the tip of her tongue--I'm probably being overprotective here, but the idea of getting my 3 month old addicted to sugar this early. . .I just can't do it.

And "some" say that hiccups don't bother babies, they hurt the parents more. Not true. Andie gets really frustrated when her hiccups don't go away soon enough. 


Anonymous said...


I tried your email, but maybe this is a better way to get you. CONGRATS on Andie! How wonderful. And drug free i see- IMPRESSIVE!! not to mention CLOTH DIAPERS, you're my new hero mama.

How's it all going? what are you up to besides the baby chick? Will you email me your address too... rtroyer [at] resadesign dotcom


~The Harrison Family~ said...

Ok so I totally didn't know you blogged! Love it! Be sure and add my page, I'm adding yours :)