Family Tradition

When we were going through pre-marital counseling, we were challenged to think of traditions we could establish for our own family. We've got a couple so far, and this weekend we started a new one!

Established traditions:

1. Cut down our own Christmas tree at Christmas tree farm in Owasso.
2. Christmas morning wake up, do presents and stockings, then big pancake breakfast while we watch a classic Christmas DVD--so far Isaac has bought me a new one each Christmas!

New tradition:

Apple picking and pumpkin patch! We just discovered a great family event--www.livesayorchards.com. Originally we went to pick apples, but we discovered so much more! There's a hayride that takes you to the orchard and pumpkin patch. They equip you with an apple picker (even being from Michigan, this was my first experience with one) so you can get the harder to reach apples because the school field trips have cleared the low ones. And they give you a half-bushel basket to fill with as many apples as you can balance. There were tons to choose from. This time we picked from the red delicious trees, but next year I want to get Granny Smiths so I can do more picking. A half-bushel is a lot more than it sounds like, so we'll be eating apples for breakfast (baked apples), lunch (sliced apples) and dinner (apple dumplings, pie and more!) for a long time! 

The pumpkin patch is huge! We didn't get a pumpkin this year since Andie's too small to care, but we will certainly be picking one out next year. We did get lots of pictures and came back all smiles. The farm also has a market which sells veggies and canned products. We loaded up on onions, tomatoes, Amish dill pickles, and sweet potatoes. I am so excited to eat everything.

Next year we'll take the whole family--grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Can't wait!

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