Sippy Cup = Spill-All-Over-Me Cup

Help! My daughter has learned the finer art of using her sippy cup as an indoor milk sprinkler. Every time I turn around, she's spreading it over her carseat, her legs, her clothes, the couch, the floor, etc. etc.

She's still pretty young, so the harder spout sippy cups are a bit much for her to handle. And I hear that the straw sippy cups require one to be able to bite and suck at the same time. Is that true with all of them?

Anyone have any suggestions of sippy cups that really are leak proof?


kyna said...

We just had to teach Lexi to hold it up and she got in trouble when she spilled it out on purpose. Now we have occational accidental spills from the sippy cup, but not so many of the on purpose ones. Good luck!

Steph said...

We have used the straw sippers since about 11 months old for that very same reason. I have actually tried them to see how they work and I didnt bite the straw, however Cady just naturally started biting it when she was sucking. It might be something that Andie will just catch onto in order to get a drink but I dont really think its something you need to do in order for them to work! I hope this helps, the straw cups are pretty much all we use now and there is minimal spilling.

This Is Us said...

Sophie only uses the straw cups. I don't know if you have to bite and suck, but she is able to use the straws better than the soft sippy and regular sippy cups. The Nuby ones we have don't leak, but when you first open the cup the liquid can spray out. If we lived closer, I'd let you borrow ours to try them out. :)

Melissa at perryjayne.etsy.com said...

The only sippy cups I've found that don't leak are the Playtex brand ones. I've had most of my Playtex cups for 3 years and they still don't leak. They do have a hard spout, but I bet she'd get used to it pretty quickly. I think every other brand I've tried has leaked at some point.
Well, now I did use a Gerber cup that had a softer spout that did pretty well at not leaking. Eventually the part where the valve fit in broke, but it did okay until then.

Joy said...

Thanks, everyone. I've got a lot of ideas to keep in mind. I really appreciate your help!