Wednesday Walkthrough. . .the sun

Today's a rainy day. . .alas, my hubby is hoping for even more rain than the few sprinkles we've already had, but let's take a moment and talk about the anti-rain, a.k.a. the sun. Toss aside your umbrella and search the clouds for rainbows when the sun peeks through to say hello. He's such a lovely friend, and he's good for so much more than just a good tan.

Fun fact about the sun: Did you know that when an eagle is sick, it will go to the highest point on a mountain, closest to the sun, sprawl its wings along the rocky ground, and just lie there and let the sun pull the sickness out of its body? It's true.

English nerd fact about the sun: When discussing the sun in technical terms (e.g. when referring to science), sun is capitalized. For example, straight from my Chicago Manual of Style, "Solar neutrino experiments provide unique information about the interior of the Sun." (You know I didn't write that sentence off the top of my head!)

Today's walkthrough fact: Sunlight is a natural bleach. It makes white clothes whiter and sterilizes and deodorizes more than just your tighty whiteys and your cloth diapers. Lately, I've been taking advantage of its natural purifying properties and using it for more than just my laundry:

1. Sterilizing toys. When friends' kids come over and slobber all over A's blocks, stuffed animals and the like, I leave them out on a blanket in the sun for a natural cleaning.

2. Sterilizing and deodorizing diaper pails. Again, a quick rinse and wipe with a clean cloth, then the bucket is set out in the sun for a nice sun bath and smells oh-so-fresh when it returns to its respectful place next to the changing table.

3. Cleaning animal dishes. Recently a friend came over and filled one of my plastic bowls with water for their dog. Before that bowl made it back to my kitchen, it took a long soak in the sun, then took a swim in my soapy sink.

What about you? What do you use the sun to clean?

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