It's Wednesday. . .in Guam, right?

Today's Wednesday stroll takes us off the water filtration system path (to give me some time to conduct more of my own research), and down a path that I am equally as excited about. Today, I want to share SvelteGourmand.com with you--a website that I believe is closest to the heart of On Finding Balance than any other blog I've read thus far--especially concerning balanced eating.

photo by JP Pagan

SvelteGourmand's desire is to provide a site where the balance of eating well and staying slim is accessible to anyone. Like this blog, they believe that a healthy lifestyle is a step-by-step (not leap-by-leap) process that anyone can find success in. They do not/will not promote binge or extreme dieting. In fact, their website even says:

Celery sticks and diet soda? Not here. At SvelteGourmand.com, we’re passionate about really good food—and how you can stay slim and healthy eating it.

Contrary to what some health and diet websites would have you believe, you really can have a hanger steak, sip a glass of Cabernet and even splurge on a cupcake while keeping the numbers on the scale in check. How do we know? Because we’re living proof that good and good-for-you can go hand in hand.

Eat well and live well: we’ll show you how. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and prepared to be informed and inspired. Bon appetite.

Don't just take my word for it. Check out this interview where one of the founders of the site, Camille Noe Pagan, shares her heart and passion concerning this new venture.

I've already found myself engrossed in the entries on more than one occasion. Titles to tempt you include:

Not only do I feel empowered to enjoy the food I'm eating; I've also found this website to serve as a virtual support system where I can join with others and realize that I'm not alone. Plus, I find myself reading facts and information that I have heard before and being encouraged that I'm not the only one out there thinking this way. Please, stroll on over to SvelteGourmand.com and enjoy!

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