22-23 Weeks Prego

Yikes, this is going fast. Only 17 more weeks to go, and little mango is determined to make its presence known.

I have to admit, as I've pondered what to write about this week, I've found myself dwelling on little more than my discomfort and longing to have my body back. Mother of the Year right here! Yikes, how selfish does that sound?

These are the times I have to remind myself of the miracle of growing a baby in your belly and the fact that carrying a baby in my belly (no matter how uncomfortable I feel) is infinitely easier than carrying a real live baby that cries, poops, squirms, and demands constant attention. I'd much rather do these forty weeks with the baby warm and cozy inside of me growing in a safe environment than try a hands-on approach to growing a baby. Yikes, can you imagine? (Yikes, do I say "yikes" enough in this post?)

On a happier note, I'm getting really excited about the baby stage. I know when you're in it, it's easy to get caught up in figuring out how you can possibly get anything done around the house--but the cuddling, the sleeping on your chest, the tiny toes and fingers . . . they grow so quickly. I'm really excited to have a little tiny baby in the house again. Plus, my daughter is fully taking on the mother roll with her dolls. She shushes them on her shoulder; she reads books to them; and she generously shares her snacks and agua with them whenever they're close. My favorite observation so far is that when she puts her dolls "night night," she covers them (I mean completely covers them, head and all) with her blankets. Where'd she learn this? I promise, I have not demonstrated any baby suffocation techniques for her. And since the TV is on so little in our house (right now the only thing she watches is the sole Veggie Tales DVD that we own), I know she's not getting it from there. Who knows?

I also ordered and received my giraffe print in the mail. I'm basing my entire nursery off of this--colors and everything. I'm so excited!

Oh, and my daughter's two-year birthday is this weekend. I've chosen to play it really low key this year. I just don't see the point of going all out on a party my child will not remember. Instead we're celebrating with each side of the family during our normal Memorial Day or weekly family events. A cake (probably covered in strawberries since that's one of my girl's favorite foods) and some decorations are all we need. Instead, I've allowed myself to buy a bunch of presents . . . in fact, I had so many fun ideas I couldn't buy them all. But I figured with not spending as much on a party, I could ignore some of the budget to buy just a few more cute things!

Here's what I got:
Art supplies from Oompa (non-toxic crayons, colored pencils, and modeling clay)
A personalized apron (this was my hubby's pick but I love it too!) from Em Tanner
A few wooden puzzles from a consignment sale
Some clothes from a consignment sale =)
Tableware to add to her growing kitchen kit from Plan Toys
And a new Veggie Tales DVD so we can have a tiny bit of variety!

Here's where I finally drew the line and wouldn't let myself buy:
Birdhouse for our backyard. Don't you love the use of the knobs?
Bento box for picnic lunches
Kitchen to house all her pots, pans, and new dishes
A new doll to shush (and suffocate? ;-)

I'll try and post pictures soon!

**Above photo courtesy of joyosity**

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