21 Weeks & Transitions

Baby carrot is developing right along. Eyebrows and lids (and more personal parts) are on the agenda for this week. Appropriately enough, my email told me that it would seem my baby is "practicing marital arts," which makes baby ninja all the more appropriate of a nickname :)

Exhaustion is a big battle nowadays. I get excited at the beginning of the day and forge on to accomplish a billion to-do list items, only to find that I can barely function by 1:00 PM and my girl's nap time/my work time (anything that correlates with my Editor Joy business) is severely jeopardized by sheer exhaustion. Thankfully, my laptop allows me to accomplish most work on the couch--so I can rest while I work (that's possible, right?). But I do find I'm most productive when someone watches my girl (thanks, Mom and MIL), and I just camp at a cafe and work with no distractions (except the Internet--okay, that's a MAJOR distraction, but at least housework, cooking, books, etc. aren't tempting me too).

I started playing around with registries today. My SIL is planning a diaper shower for me, but I'm throwing together a couple of registries just in case people want some guidance on what to buy--since I'm a cloth diaper mama, this is particularly helpful if anyone wants to buy me cloth diaper supplies. I'm finding that my registries are more of a wishlist since I have the basics, but I also know that the things I'm registering for would be greatly appreciated and used often based on my previous-baby knowledge.

I started the standard BRU registry. This is definitely where I've put all my "basics" that I still don't have and greatly need. Then I started a registry on MyRegistry.com. I wanted to use a registry service that allows me to add items from various stores. I like the concept, but I'm not thrilled with how it functions. Every time I try to add an item to my registry, it makes me log in again (for some reason this only happens on my laptop--it works better on my desktop). Very annoying. It also doesn't automatically link with BRU--grrr. I'm going to have to go to BRU and manually add each item to MyRegistry. Not looking forward to that. The good points--it allows me to register for cloth diaper supplies not available on BRU. And it allows me to register for handmade items (non-etsy) from vendors I've discovered over the past couple of years and have been wanting to try their products (i.e. ResaDesign, DearJohnnies, CottonBabies, etc.)

I'd love your recommendations--especially the lesser-known vendors that offer high quality, unique items for babies. I've noticed the recent trend at baby showers is to give a gift that you ordered online (or someone local made) that someone introduced you to, and you couldn't imagine living without. Some real treasures are found this way. Do you, dear readers, have any treasures to share? Maybe some I could add to my registry =)

The first major transition--toddler bed is in progress. After reading all of my friends' advice about which order to transition (toddler bed, potty training, paci), the common message among them all was "go with what's natural." The bed's the most natural for us, so that's where we started.

We just took off the front panel of her convertible bed to make the transition. The first nap she was pretty freaked out, so I stayed in the room with her til she fell asleep. That night she fell asleep at my parent's, so we woke her and laid her down in the bed, and she went right to sleep. Since then, no fears. BUT these last couple of days we've found her either on the pillows we set up on the floor or in her play tent. My hubby thinks she's rolling off, but I think she's getting up and trying new places to sleep. Personally, I don't care where she sleeps as long as she stays in her room (and since she can't open the door herself yet, this isn't an issue). I'll keep you posted. I do really like not having to hoist her over the big crib rail.

Remember to give me your links to high quality, unique, can't-live-without baby items!

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CaryPhil said...

do you have cookies blocked? because I am registered at MyRgistry.com for my baby shower and the same thing happened to me and my DH fiddled around with my firefox window and realized that i had cookies disabled. thankfully that was fixed because I'm one of those people who likes all info saved on my firefox! :)

We didn't have a BRU registry but we did do Giggle for some of the bigger items. Luckily though my hubby got an iphone a few weeks ago and he got some of sort barcode scanning app so we're just going to shift everything from giggle to our online registry. What sorts of items are you adding to yours? Sorry, I am just on a few mommy blogs trying to figure out what I need. Very nervous about this baby but excited. First one for us. Same for you? Good luck with the planning