18 Weeks and Kicking!

Hubby felt the baby for the first time last night! I've been feeling him/her for awhile now, and he/she is particularly active! I'm thinking baby ninja is a pretty appropriate nickname. It was really fun for hubby to feel the baby, but I must admit, it wasn't nearly as exciting as the first time he felt our first baby kick. I remember the exact moment and the look of awe on both of our faces. It was such a special moment. This time was special too, but I found myself deliberately recording place, time, feelings, etc. in my memory because I was concerned it was so inconsequential that it'd soon be an undistinguishable blip on our memory. Thankfully it wasn't just one kick, so baby ninja was working really hard to make sure we remembered that moment. :)

Baby ninja's the size of a bell pepper this week. And, appropriately enough, the email told me he/she is working on flexing arms and legs--I can definitely confirm that!

Reality is starting to knock a little louder these days. It helps that my belly's already the size of a basketball, so I have a definite reminder that this baby is a part of our lives--my hubby even noted the time when we hugged and my belly hit him before my arms--that's when you know you're showing :) It's also more real because everyone else can tell that I'm pregnant, so strangers are starting to ask questions and confirm their suspicions. I'm kinda glad for this--it means playing the pregnancy card will be a lot easier, and people will get me some extra grace without having to be told I'm pregnant. I've gotta admit, I kinda like that.

I've decided that I'm definitely okay with sharing my office with the nursery for the first couple of years. Plus, I finally bought a laptop that turns on in less than ten minutes (yes, that's how old my other laptop is!), so my "office" is becoming less and less of a factor as I try new comfy spots throughout my home to do my work. Although, it doesn't really feel like work when I'm lounging on the couch, munching on Girl Scout cookies (samoas, of course!), and typing on my new "toy" the laptop.

I've had a really hard time buying clothes. Since I don't know what to expect, I feel like I can't buy anything. Veteran moms, help me out here, if you didn't find out the sex of your baby, what exactly did you buy before baby arrived--clothes-wise.

Thanks for all your insight. I get so excited to post a new blog so I can see all the insight and knowledge moms are willing to share to help me along! Ladies, you're the best!


This Is Us said...

I didn't buy any clothes... I got the standard green and yellow onesies and pajamas at the shower and that was all we needed to get started. Once our baby girl arrived, the gifts flooded in and there were plenty of girly clothes. Friends started giving us their hand-me-downs, too. My husband did go out and buy a dress for her when she was only a few days old because he wanted his baby to look like a girl, but other than that, clothes were never an issue.

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

I bought one kimono and pant set in white from Gap and one pink onesie and one blue onesie to go under it...for the hospital picture/ going home outfit. Then I did get some really cute gender neutral, onesies, gowns, blankets from Target in orange, green, red, yellow, etc. And that's it. However, I've had both a boy & a girl, so I have a few hand me downs. Also, I know that once the baby gets here there will be plenty of clothing given from friends.

Bethany said...

I bought unisex gowns (teddy bears etc.) because I think gowns make it easier to change diapers in the early weeks. (I am anti-onesies until around 2 months.. I hate fighting with the snaps when they're that tiny). I also bought two cute outfits, one boy and one girl, in the baby theme I picked (I.e., Winnie the Pooh, Noah's Ark) for baby's first professional pictures. Most of your gifts and hand-me-downs will be clothing so I recommend investing in baby towels with the hoodies (they're great for toddlers too), diapers, baby bath soap, etc. Enjoy this time with your baby... it goes by so fast!