17 Weeks Prego

Ahhh, transitions. I've been thinking about them a lot lately. It's funny how most transitions seem unreasonable therefore we dread dealing with them; but they inevitably turn out to be easier than we imagined, and the results are something we swear we would now never live without. This dialogue parallels nicely with my new morning ritual of planting seeds and preparing my yard for the summer. I find that my little girl is not quite old enough to be excited about the new seeds sprouting through the soil; yet I'm more-than-ever-before impatient to see those little buds break through. You'd think I was the two year old here!

As a mom I'm thinking this in particular in regards to changing nap times, changing food preferences, getting rid of the paci, potty training, changing to a toddler bed, even experiencing a newborn transition from crawling to walking. I dread/have dreaded all of these changes, but without fail I've come out with a greater appreciation for the new and an unexpected willingness to let go of the old.

That said, I have three big transitions that I want to glide through before baby #2 arrives: potty training, eliminating the paci, and changing to a toddler bed. Again, moms, I implore you to offer your advice. My questions, in no particular order, are:
1. Did you follow a method/book for potty training? Did it work?
2. Which order would you do these three in? (My daughter is almost two. She's shown all the signs of being ready to potty train.) For example, a friend suggested I potty train, then get rid of the paci, and finally transition to a big girl bed. Your thoughts?
3. If I have to give up one (which would be really hard for me to accept because of my type-A-ness that screams, "If it's on the to-do list to finish before baby #2, it better be done!"), which would you recommend?

So far I've read On Becoming Pottywise. Next on my list is Potty Training in a Day which I believe is going to be very similar. Any other titles I should peruse before taking on the challenge? I must admit, with every book I read, I find myself skimming the parts of the book I know I don't agree with. I doubt there's a parenting book out there that I'd follow 100 percent, but I think it's important to do your research, glean the good stuff, and let your mother's intuition guide you.

As for baby turnip, he/she is moving A LOT. I try to get my hubby to feel it, but while the kicks are prominent in my mind, they're not quite strong enough to be felt through the layer of leftover baby fat courtesy of baby #1. I feel the same as week 16--creeping nausea; but I've decided to ignore it and continue life as if not prego. This has translated to hours of yard work followed by even longer hours of sitting, catching my breath, and self-deprecating inner dialogue for being such a woos.

On a completely unrelated note, garage sale season is upon us! I've already got my list of baby "must-haves" that I avoided the first pregnancy, wished I had, but never got the courage to drop the money and go ahead and buy. The answer: buy it all used for baby #2! I'm looking for a Bumbo, Boppy, bouncy seat, and monitor primarily. A co-sleeper in good condition would be great too. I'll probably go with new, but I need an infant carrier, crib & mattress, and double stroller as well. If you see any good leads on Craigslist, let me know! :)


Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

I'd start the potty training first, if she's showing signs of readiness. I didn't use a book for my kids, except for just the Karen Katz book for kids. Just kinda gives them the basics and it's very positive. I've potty trained two kiddos. My biggest advice is definitely wait until they are ready...if it doesn't go well. Stop, wait a few weeks, give it another go. Second use training underwear and NOT pull-ups for at home. Save the pull-ups for sleeping and for trips to the store. Buy at least 10 pairs of Gerber training underwear the thick padded kind to wear at home. They immediately feel wet, but usually it catches enough for you to not have to clean up a puddle on the floor. Unless your kid is super motivated by the kind of underwear you get, I'd buy White so you can bleach them...and so they are unisex for the next kid.
Good Luck with the list. You do have lots of time still. I think she'll easily have that all that accomplished by the time your "turnip" gets here. :)
Also, I think it's great to buy used items. I do love a good bargain. However, I don't think I'd buy a Boppy from a stranger. Either buy new or from a friend that you know kept theirs washed. Those can get nasty with milk drips and spills. They do wash, but it still would worry me. Just knowing how much mine needed a good washing after baby #1.
I'm actually going to be selling a double stroller soon on Craislist, but I'm getting rid of it b/c the canopies are missing. It has a matching infant seat, too. I can send you the link after I list it. If you wanted to buy new canopies, it'd be a pretty good deal.
OK, well, that was a book. Sorry for the long comment. Have enjoyed keeping up with your pregnancy on your blog. It goes by so quick. I only have 6 weeks to go myself.

Cayla said...

I have a good handout on how to transition to a toddler bed. It's written by a sleep specialist here in STL. We were going to go see her, but then we figured things out. I can mail it to you if you'd like. (Email your mailing address to me)
And how in the world did you make it through your first child without a boppy? I am so attatched to the boppy that I made my husband carry it in his back pack (it was the only thing that would fit in there too) on our trip to Lebanon that we just took. You must have developed some serious Schwarteneggar muscles...

susanne said...

fyi, they have boppys and co-sleepers at the BA marshall's right now. and if you have a girl, i have a pink bouncy seat with your name on it.

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Please tell me you're kidding when you say you never had a boppy with Andi! I cannot live without mine when my babies are little. In fact, it is so crucial that I have two...one to keep at home and one for the car!