16 Weeks Prego

Sixteen weeks, and my baby has graduated to the size of an avocado. Seeing as how he/she is half-Mexican, I figure that's pretty appropriate. Maybe I should nickname my baby something with a Mexican/Japanese mix. Guaco-roboto or Sushi-salsa. Hmm, maybe Senor Sashimi!

Okay, moving on. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. At the beginning of the week I didn't think I really had much to report. Same ole. Same ole. Feeling good. Getting back into a routine. Tackling my yard. But then the end of the week came, and my oh my, what is this? Nausea again?!


It's not the same as first trimester. I don't feel like lying on the couch all day. I have my energy (though I didn't get it all back like I did with the first baby), but I have that sick feeling creeping through my body again. I'm not sick, but I feel like if I cough too hard or don't eat as soon as the hunger monster flexes his claws, I may, ahem, spill my cookies. I've described nausea before as the feeling of toxins streaming through my blood. And THAT is what I'm feeling again.

On the happy side, this is a different thing for me, so . . . different pregnancy = different sex of the baby?!??!? But, alas, I know enough to know it really doesn't mean anything. I've decided to adopt the get-psyched-for-a-girl strategy. I've been day dreaming of matching dresses on Easter, extensive craft projects, and chic flicks dominating movie nights.

I'm really excited about the possible giraffe theme for my nursery. I found this photo too--it's a real giraffe! How fun! And giraffe books at the library catch my eye now. Also I'm wondering where I can get a four-foot stuffed giraffe to put in the nursery!

A question for you veteran moms: How old were your kids when they started playing alone in their rooms? My oldest is almost two and still has no interest in playing in her room. It doesn't bother me at all; I just want to know what the average age is so I can figure out what to expect with this next one. Here are my ideas if the baby isn't really going to use his/her own room for a couple of years:

1. The only room left for the nursery is also our office. It'll probably remain an office/nursery to begin with.
2. If it really takes a couple of years for the baby to care about his/her room, if it's a girl, in a couple of years, I might just make the office an office/playroom and have the girls sleep in the same bedroom. Is that reasonable? (One girl would be two years old and the other would be four.)
3. If I really have two years, there's also the possibility of moving to a larger home by the time the baby cares. In that case, I really have nothing to worry about now. The nursery is pretty inconsequential.

So, moms, what do you think? Reasonable expectations? I can't wait to hear your feedback!

**Bonus** Check out Pregnancy and Newborn's recent mag. Page 38 has ideas for healthy snack options to substitute when you're craving less healthy stuff. Oh, and there's a really good BumGenius (our fav cloth diapers) coupon in the back of the mag too!

**Photo courtesy of HarmonyRae**


Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

I think it just depends on the kid. But mine both like to play in their rooms now. Hudson is almost 3 and Ella is 4 1/2. Hudson can spend a little time in his room by himself happily playing. But Ella ,who has given up naps, spends at least an hour (or longer) of quiet time each day alone playing in her room- so I can get a break. But I know that not all her friends her age will do this. Hope that helps a little. Either way, I think you've got some time. Our Baby #3 is going to stay in a crib in our Master Bedroom... probably until he or she is weaned... then someone will be sharing their bedroom.

Cayla said...

Hey, I didn't comment on your last post about the nicknames, but since you are still deliberating here is what we did. We just combined the names of our two gender choices. (We didn't find out the gender either, which I HIGHLY recommend! It was such a blast!)
Our choices were: Maurice for a boy and Sophie for a girl. So the baby became "Mophie". We referred to Mophie constantly, and I even named a recipe after Mophie. Mophie's Garden Vegetable Soup. I'll always remember when I made that soup now.
I love the idea of a giraffe theme!! We did monkeys and loved it too...

3 Little Chicks said...

Sophie never did want to play alone. Now that Piper and Riley are walking and jabbering, she enjoys playing with them. Sophie just turned 3 and the twins are 15 months old. We just moved Sophie back into the nursery room. Now it's a bedroom (for three) and the other bedroom is now the playroom. I love it. They are all sleeping through the night peacefully. Sophie has now bonded much more with her sisters and calls them her friends. They all voluntarily play in the playroom together too. Ahhhh - I love when things work out so nicely.