14 Weeks Prego

My babycenter email just congratulated me on entering my second trimester. Then it went on to say, "Your energy is likely returning . . . and your queasiness may have completely abated by now." Yeah, right! I wish.

I must admit, this past week I had the best "good day" of the first tri. I even cooked dinner! But it was followed with four rocky, bad days. This week is also spring break--which wouldn't seem like it would affect me since my child is far from school age, but it has made this week the busiest we've had in awhile.

Despite playgroup and gymnastics being cancelled, we've had a lunch date almost every day this week. It's been wonderful, but it's also opened my eyes to some things: A) "Good days" inevitably follow a day (or two) that I have spent most of my time on the couch or in bed. B) Bad days tend to follow days that I keep busy and try to keep my mind off the nausea. C) Perhaps my busyness this week has prolonged the nausea; therefore, I just need to take a day off and the "good days" will return. It's a vicious cycle--stay busy to keep mind off nausea and to provide daughter with entertaining days--pay for it with nausea all the time. OR Take it easy and rest all day--pay for it with a daughter who's bored of playing with her alphabet puzzle again.

Good thing my little one doesn't use full sentences yet, or I'm pretty sure she'd say stuff like, "No, mama, not another nap. Can't you get off the couch and play with me?"

Hmm, there's my Type-A Voice speaking up again. Must put that thing to rest. I am manufacturing a human here. I deserve a break. Geesh! (and the inner dialogue/argument goes on).

I went in for a check-up this week. My midwife said that even though I'll show sooner than my first pregnancy, I probably won't feel the baby sooner. I'm convinced I've already felt him/her move, but the reality of my 2.5 inch little lemon really being able to show off its ninja skills is pretty unlikely.

Another fun note . . . my hubby's getting closer and closer to making the decision to not find out the gender of the baby. I'm super excited! My midwife did a little happy dance when I told her. It made me smile.

BUT it has made planning a bit more difficult. I'm finding that I'm really indecisive not knowing the gender. I find this ironic because when I found out that my first was going to be a girl, I immediately made every effort to buy things that were gender neutral so they could be recycled with all babies that followed. Now that I don't know the gender, I find that I want to pick gender-specific decor, clothes, etc. I blame the hormones. (I've been blaming the hormones for a lot lately--defense mechanism? Probably.)

For those of you who didn't find out the sex of your baby ahead of time, what did you find were the pros/cons? Any suggestions on planning the nursery?

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