A Short Gripe

It's a new year, which means taxes will be due soon. How's that for a bummer beginning ;-)

I've also invested money in my fancy new logo, so I'm using the beginning of this year to reinvent my business and my business's look. Once I got my logo, I've been pasting it everywhere possible, and I even ordered fancy business cards today.

BUT when I went to put my logo on my invoices, it wouldn't work. Turns out it's not user error, it's the software. Mac Freelance, while sporting a lot of spiffy options for a very reasonable price, has turned out to be more trouble than help. I've resorted in the last couple of years to using as little as possible and just doing a lot of extra number stuff on Excel instead. I record my jobs in Mac Freelance, print an invoice, and record the check number when I get paid. There are a lot of other options, but before now I didn't care to learn them.

Well, today was a new day. I tried to learn the new options. I tried to customize my invoice to sport my cute little logo. And I got nowhere--and wasted a valuable hour of my time in the process.

So, Mac Freelance = Fail. I'm shopping for new software to make my taxes easier and my invoices customizable. Any suggestions?


Tasha said...

Ugh, I've had so many issues with Mac Freelance. Total piece-of-crap software. Guess what - installed an update the other day and now it won't even open. Awesome! If you find a better solution, don't hesitate to share - I'm looking for something, too. Guess we could just use QuickBooks like everyone else.

Joy said...

One Freelance reviewer said Billings was a bit more expensive but a lot easier to use. I just looked it up and it's only $40. I may try it. If I do, I'll let ya know how it works.

Yeah, we could use Quickbooks . . . I've been avoiding it because of price, but this is probably one of those instances where looking for the bargain will end up costing me more in the end since I have to keep replacing the cheap software. I just have to wrap my head/budget around that price tag first ;-)

Tasha said...

Definitely check out QuickBooks Online. I started the free trial today. We'll see how it goes, but so far it's light years from Mac Freelance.

Stupid cheap software. Bleh.