I Refuse to Buy DVD's

Yeah, that in a nutshell is my college-self trying desperately to fight the trend and stick with the tried and true. I showed the same stubbornness when photographers began switching to digital. "But they never actually print out their pictures," I argued with a pack of 24 pictures clenched tightly to my chest. I did jump on the Myspace wave, but I refused to switch over to Facebook. "Time waster, too trendy," I argued. And now, well, let's just say I had to make a resolution limiting my time on Facebook. 

So what's my latest trend to buck? Twitter. I keep reading about it in all the blogs. I'm curious, but I'm not ready to give in to another time-sucker. I know the benefits and the downfalls associated with it. When I finally do Tweet, I'll have considered myself a permanent member of the dark side.

Let me ask you, tomodachisan (Japanese for "friend"), do you Tweet? What do you  learn from it? Is it even worth it if I'm only on my computer twice a day? I don't have Internet on my phone, so would that make Twittering pointless? Should I cross over to the dark side? 


kyna said...

I don't tweet, mostly because I am behind the times a little... I think it has something to do with the side effects of turning 30. ha ha...I will be interested to see what your amigos (spanish for friends) have to say about it.

stephanie said...

The dark side? So dramatic! I started using Twitter recently and think it's a fun concept. I don't tweet as much as some, only a couple times a day, but it is kinda fun coming up with a clever 140 character update.