What I Learned This Christmas: Photo Cards

I'm pretty proud of my Christmas card for this year. I chose to make it a Christmas card/birth announcement for various reasons:

1. Most babies don't take good pictures when they're fresh from the womb. Most look like aliens, and flashes make their eyes buggy. If you give them some time and wait until Christmas, they look much cuter.
2. Immediately after baby M was born, I didn't have time or motivation to take pictures, assemble a card, gather addresses, and post a bunch of birth announcements to family and friends. Plus, they all saw her on Facebook, which takes away from the birth announcement being as much of a necessity nowadays.
3. Postage is expensive, and I married into a HUGE Mexican family. Birth announcement done right would break the bank.
4. I'm going to spend the postage for Christmas anyway, might as well take care of the baby as well.
BONUS: I don't have to be in a picture if the Christmas card is all about baby.

So, a friend of mine stumbled across this mother's pictures of her sleeping baby. Our favorite was the bookworm. So, we got together one afternoon, popped Toy Story 3 into the DVD player for the toddlers, and set to taking pix of my little one. Here's what we came up with.
Christmas dress

Hot cocoa, anyone?

Advent calendar

Santa baby

Too many lights

And this is the one that ended up on our Christmas card--my favorite!

And here's our attempt to recreate the bookworm. Tee hee hee.

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Steph said...

LOVE All of them! The bookworm made me laugh! Its too cute!

Lisa Ensor said...

That was a fun day :)