A quick review in pictures of my birthday and the fun that sharing it with election day added. From the top (the most recent post to here) 1) An exciting beginning to my birthday: Hubby surprised me with bringing home Chic-Fil-A for breakfast and a present to get the day started--new jeans! (not pictured, my friend Lisa met me at Starbucks for birthday coffee) 2 & 3) Baby girl and I met my mom and sister at Cheesecake Factory for birthday lunch and serenading 4) Birthday evening began with a line to the door for free Chic-Fil-A for an "I Voted"Sticker 5) Birthday Pic with Chic-Fil-A cow while we stood in line 6) Ahh, sweet free dinner. 7) Another present from hubby in between destinations--graphic tee! 8) In line again, this time for free Krispy Kreme donut 9 & 10) Yummy donuts (they were out of the patriotic star donuts, but the classic is always welcome 11) Another present--the completion of my ensemble, a super-fun jacket 12) A few quick exchanges at Forever 21 13) And a night cap of free coffee from Starbucks. Ahhh, let FREEdom reign.

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kyna said...

What a fun day!!