Cancun in Pictures

Here's the promised Cancun story.

Here's the view from our hotel room balcony. We literally could walk out to the beach (right) or pool (left). It was gorgeous!

Our first full day on the ocean. The waves were a bit loud for Andie, but she got used to the sand. And she looked so cute in a bikini!

There's that contagious smile I was talking about. It gets bigger than that even!

This is just one of my favorite shots. She looks so serious :)

Rehearsal dinner. Isaac got all the sun that day. Andie was a trooper for staying up that late. She eventually crashed in the stroller.

The wedding. Gorgeous. Behind us to the left is the ocean. It was storybook beautiful!

The happy newlyweds!

Aunt Faith (or Tia Fe) and her new Uncle Greg


Angie Neal said...

You look so good girl! I think you should post a full pic of you in that cute bikini!

farmhouse wares said...

I love that serious look too. Cancun looks so yummy, especially since it just snowed here yesterday.