Last week my family vacationed in Cancun to celebrate the wedding of my little sister to her cop hubby. It was beautiful.

I will post pictures soon.

I had a really hard time getting up this morning for my 4 AM writing. Now, it's almost 5 AM and I'm still scrolling through the blogs I missed this past week. Yikes. Newbery award winner announced. Fun. Missed a query critique on Nathan Bransford's blog. Ugh. And I missed the ice, ice, ice.

I hate ice. And as I've said before, Oklahoma doesn't get real snow. But I must admit, I am a bit sad that I didn't get to enjoy the white on the ground. As un-snow-ish as it is, it's the closest thing we get, and I'm afraid the rest of winter will just be cold, bitter and gray. Here's to hoping for our annual snow in March!

We'll get caught up soon. I promise.


kyna said...

welcome back!! We did get a bit of snow on top of the ice... made it a little more welcoming. But I am with you...we need just one more good snow before spring.

stephanie said...

take your time, joy!

Rae said...

It's snowing here again, most snow we have had in years and years...wish you were here to play in it with us! love.