Valentine's Day

Usually I leave this holiday to Isaac, but since he's working so hard and I have a bit (just a bit) more time at home to contemplate a wildly romantic day of events, I told him I'd take the reins this year. The day's events are a secret for now, but I'll tell you this much--I'm using one of the valentines on this page to write clues on for this week. And, being the good writer that I am, his week will be filled with fragments of the greatest love story ever told (ours).

And I'm not making the pillowcases, but I have to admit, I LOVE them and strongly considered appliqueing them :)
What are your plans for the day? Anything creative and unusual?


~The Harrison Family~ said...

Those pillow cases are the cutest, love them! How fun that you planning a fun and romantic day for you and Isaac...I think our Valentine's Day won't be the same for many years seeing as it's Ethan's Birthday :)

steph said...

valentine's day? eh.. every day is valentine's day in this house! hehe.