Agent for a day . . . or so.

This week I'm going to be playing make-believe. Only this time, there will be slightly more real props than my old Cabbage Patch doll and super secret detective fingerprint kit.

This week, I'm going to be working on Nathan Bransford's Agent For a Day challenge. You can check out the details here. And you can follow along if you'd like. I'll be posting as "joy" so it won't be hard to follow my comments, but more importantly, I think you should leave comments of your own. All 50 queries will post at random times today, but Nathan has graciously left us a full week to respond (unlike his real life where he gets up to 15,000 queries a year, and generally, he responds within 24 hours). 

Agents have told me that the "cream quickly rises to the top." So, despite the fact that these queries should be as Nathan says, "better than 50 percent of the queries" he usually sees because they're all from people who read his blog, I still expect that this little exercise will help illustrate that.

I'll try and post my observations as the week progresses. Happy agenting! (is that a word?)

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