Wednesday Walkthrough

Today, let's walk through your house and look for items you could buy local. I know it costs a little bit more, but in the spirit of capitalism, support someone's dream and buy their products (handmade or specially manufactured) and help keep their business going.

This past Easter I set out to Target to find some "cheap" presents I could give to my daughter (who won't remember this day since she's less than 1 year old). When all was said, I had three items in my shopping cart that I didn't really care about or want. A little more thought brought me to the conclusion that these three "cheap" items that I will likely throw away soon could easily be replaced for one item from our favorite local organic baby and kids' store Eco baby + kids. Suddenly, I was excited about buying a present again, and I knew it was going to be something I'd keep forever, and something that would help support one of my favorite local businesses.

My daughter and I scoured the shelves of Eco Baby + Kids and found a cute shirt (that's long enough to work as a dress right now) that's made from some of the softest organic cotton, and it's pink and beige strips just make me smile. I love it! This is something I won't be letting go of, ever. (I'll try and post pictures soon.)

Mother's Day, spring birthdays, graduation and more are just around the corner. Skip the cheap fillers in your presents and head down to your favorite locally owned stores and find something special to include in your presents.  

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