A personal note . . . Andie Update

I try to keep this mainly business, but for my friends and family following, I thought I'd give you a little Andie update. 

In the past two weeks everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, has started happening. Andie started crawling April 23rd (yeah, that's almost 11 months--that took forever!), then exactly ONE WEEK LATER she started walking. I was in her room sorting out all the too-small clothes and replacing them with lovely bigger hand-me-downs (thanks, Cami!) and Andie just stood up and walked (almost ran) five steps into my arms! No help, no coaxing. She just did it on her own. I was yelling and cheering, "Andie! You're walking! Andie!"

Andie also started signing. She's a pro at doing "more," but really I think "more" to her means "Okay, Mama, I'm doing sign language, now please give me what I want"--usually what she wants is more, but sometimes what she wants is food, to be picked up, or a drink. We're working out the details. She's also signing "all done" and "nurse." 

In more Andie news, two more teeth are coming in! Not sure if anyone else's kid has done this (I'm sure someone has), but her top teeth (not the middle ones and not the fangs, the ones in between) are coming in. My baby girl's gonna have an "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" smile BEFORE rather than AFTER she loses them.

I've heard that babies grow in spurts. I just had no idea that all this fun could happen in two short weeks. Yikes! 

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