Andie's 1st Birthday

Possible birthday presents for Andie's one year. Anyone used these? Have suggestions?


La Pomme said...

Hi, Joy! I read your message in my blog. Can your friend really mail me the magazine? That would be wonderful. I prefer to send you my postal address by e-mail if that's all right. E-mail me at apollejano@yahoo.com and I'll e-mail you right back. Many many thanks!

Rae said...

We have the last 3 items, not the phone. Love the block set, but we have 3 sets to actually be able to build 'thing's. I think the favorite though is the little haba house. We used to throw a couple of board books in and take it to go for quiet play. Certainly got our moneys worth!

Kathleen W. said...

These would be so cute! I love Haba toys and would love to get some for my son. It think she'll love them.