Wednesday Walkthrough

Today let's take a stroll to your oil supply. Not the car oil, your cooking oil. Where do you keep your oil? I have a cabinet above my stove that houses all my oils and vinegars. That way I can just reach above and pull down the oil of my choice for cooking.

What is your oil of choice? According to all the research, coconut oil is the best one to cook with. It's the only one that doesn't go rancid while you're cooking, and it's full of all sorts of good-for-you stuff. I could give you the rundown on the health benefits, but someone already did that for me--read here

When I started using coconut oil, I was shocked at the price tag. I couldn't buy it industrial size at Sam's, so I started resorting to Rachael Ray's it's-in-the-dictionary "EVOO." But re-reading the list of health benefits makes me want to get back on the coconut oil train. Plus, it's so good for my baby--and she needs some good fats right now to combat her chicken legs (thanks, Papa).

And what better way to get on the coconut oil train than to enter a giveaway for a stinkin' huge jar of coconut oil. I've already entered. Find the giveaway here.


Angie Neal said...

I've heard a little about this, but always wanted more info. Thanks for the links and the tips!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Yup...coconut oil is best for you! My brother-in-law is huge into health and he uses coconut oil in all of his cooking.

kristin said...

I always use coconut for cooking- love it! and it's a good moisturizer for your face too!