Wednesday Walkthrough . . . on Thursday

Hello faithful readers. I let the week get away from me and didn't realize Wednesday had passed until, well, this morning.

Today's walkthrough takes you through your yard. Tulsa has been berated (as has most of the country) by rain this week. I didn't realize how much I could miss the sun until it came out yesterday in all its warm glory, and I could feel my body responding, longing for more. Despite my frustration that I couldn't get out of the house as much as I wanted to this week, my yard--grass, flowers, new bushes, and weeds--are flourishing. They have adored this more than ample drink that they've been given, and their roots are strong, their branches stretching long.

Today is simply a reminder to be thankful for how incredible nature was created to be. It really is beautiful to watch it work and do its thing. 

So many times the choices I make to not eat/inject/rub something into my daughter's body is simply based on the fact that it's not natural. Nature, the human body in particular, is a miracle and does quite well on its own keeping things in working order. 

Take a step outside, breathe in deep, and let nature grow. It's a beautiful thing.

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