Wednesday Walkthrough . . . sterilizing pt. 2 con't

Ok, to continue from yesterday...

If you can get water down to a pH level of 2.5, it turns into a natural sterilizer (it actually smells similar to a mild chlorine). This can be used on a range of things, but the clearest example I've seen is soaking vegetables.

If you soak cherry tomatoes in a cup of normal filtered water (I use a Pur filter) and a cup of 2.5 water for a few minutes...the water from the Pur filtered cup comes out murky, but the water from the 2.5 water comes out bright green! It pulls all of the pesticides off of the tomato, and it makes the tomato taste 10 times better. When I saw that, I about gagged. We're talking BRIGHT green water. Ewww!

Supposedly, you could soak a raw chicken filled with salmonella for a minute in 2.5 water, and it would be safe to eat. Imagine what you can do with your house, your food, your body if you had 2.5 water! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

2.5 water instantly cleans bottles...even ones that set out overnight with milk inside and have a rotten smell--eliminating the need for boiling, microwaving, etc.

My next step is to test the water and how if there's anything left to pull off if I wash the veggies in Veggie Wash first, or if I soak the veggies overnight. I'd really like to see what comes off after I use my normal washing methods. I will keep you posted!


Melissa at perryjayne.etsy.com said...

So, how do you get this 2.5 water? Is that what the scientists are working on?

Joy said...

so, how do you change the pH level?

Joy said...

There's a water filtration system that changes the pH levels for you. I've seen a demo, and now I want to do more research. As I get more info, I'll keep you posted.