Wednesday Walkthrough . . . sterilizing pt. 3

The way that I found out about changing the alkalinity (also known as ionizing) water was through a water filtration system demo done at my home. I'm not one to just jump in and buy something because it promises to fix all the problems in my life. Neither am I one to start selling it to all my friends for the same reasons.

So, in my quest to find other ionizing techniques, I've run across some interesting videos about the ionizing filtration systems available right now. Here are a couple that compare the leading brands available today. Take a deep breath; the price tag is steep. But, as I research this more, my goal is to find out if there's a principle here that can be generated at home without paying thousands of dollars. For now, I don't have an answer to that theory. But I will keep you posted.

What you need to know before you view this video: The first video tests three filtration systems for a high pH (rather than a low pH--which I was talking about to use for sterilization techniques). This will just give you an idea of the range that the machines are capable of. The value of a high pH water is the level of antioxidant power the water has. We all have heard how good antioxidants are for you, so you can see the value in that already.

The next video warns of scams and unbelievable (not in a good way) stats that a water filter seller may try to sell you. Buyer beware!

**Please note, this is in no way meant to sell you a product. I've only seen one of these three filters demoed, and I'm not even going to mention which one it was. Nor do I own any of these systems. My goal is only to familiarize you with the practical value of varying the pH level of water. How I will do that in my own home is still up for debate. More to come.

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