11 Weeks Prego

I spoke too soon. When I talked about cravings during week nine, I said that I haven't had any craving consume me and make eat something at that moment. Well, last night, it happened . . . sort of.

It started like any other normal craving for me. I saw something--Taco Bueno--and I thought, "Hmm, a bean and cheese burrito sounds good." But I drove right by the restaurant and tried not to think about it. Maybe this weekend, I reasoned.

Well, let's just say I didn't make it to the weekend. That evening we went to my in-laws for dinner. It was a delicious dinner, but it was at 5:30. So, by 8:00, when we left, I was hungry again. At first I thought I'd just eat some crackers when I got home, but then a monster started to stir within. I could feel its evil tentacles clawing through my body and reaching through my arms taking control of the steering wheel. Within minutes I was in line at the Bueno drive thru.

Could I have resisted? Yes. Did I want to? Not really. The thought of yet another saltine cracker or an even sexier rice cake just was not going to tame the beast. Since it was toward the end of the week, the options in my fridge were sparse, and for a mere 99 cents I knew I could solve all of my problems right then and there. So I did. I even had hot sauce with it--I was pretty sure I'd get sick and pay for it later. But lo and behold, I slept great that night, and I felt the best I've felt in two months the next day! Hmmm, maybe I should have Bueno every night . . .

On another note, for the past week or two, I've already felt my baby move. They say that you usually don't feel it for many more weeks, but I think it's because it's my second pregnancy--I'm more aware of what movement feels like, and I'm not so cautious to just pass it off as gas. It's amazing to feel the movement this early, but I'm beginning to wonder if this means I'm going to have an active baby the entire time. My first one was pretty calm--this would be the first notable difference between the two pregnancies. We'll see if the baby keeps up its happy dance throughout the next few months.

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Lisa Ensor said...

Even though you already told me this story a while back I still couldn't help but laugh out loud again! Eat More Bueno!!! :)