Seven weeks prego!

(photo courtesy of plastAnka)

Ahhhh, seven glorious, er, not-so-glorious weeks. I'm going to join with the millions of moms out there that already know this, but I can't believe how much faster my body is changing the second time around! I can see belly (but I've successfully hidden it so far). I've already been sick--I'm pretty sure I was a few more weeks into it before I was "officially" sick last time. And sleeping is already one of my least favorite times of the day. I tend to sleep in a semi-propped up position to try and trick my belly into thinking I'm sitting up--most times my stomach does best when it's on the bottom and my throat is higher--a level playing field is the devil's playground.

This is the week that I've already remembered why my answer to "How many kids are you going to have?" changed from, "At least four, if not more," to "Not sure. I'm just going to take it one at a time." And, for the first time in my life, I seriously considered the possibility of adoption. I LOVE LOVE LOVE children, LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom, and LOVE LOVE LOVE developing a family; but, unfortunately, I'm not feeling quite as passionate about doing the pregnancy thing again.

Okay, venting over. Let's focus on the great stuff. First of all, I couldn't have married a better man. I have had to completely take off my homemaker, housekeeper, and for the most part, mom hats; and he's graciously donned all three on top of his provider, protector and cherished laugh-maker in the home. No complaints, nothing. He does more, I feel bad I can't help more, and still he asks constantly if he's doing enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

Secondly, my daughter can completely sense that something's different, and it's turned her into cuddle bug. She gives me more hugs, she pulls my hand to go everywhere with her, and she gets things for me when I'm lying nauseated on the couch. She's not even two yet, and already I know she's going to be an incredible big sis. She loves babies--she's got two cousins both born within the last month--and she loves every chance to wave hello or hold them in her own arms.

And finally, I've been able to accept my need for rest this time around. I don't feel guilty for extra naps, and I don't beat myself up for not making it to my workout. The little that I can squeeze in during times when my stomach feels steady and I don't feel like I have toxins coursing through my veins, I am very very proud of. Last pregnancy I spent the first eight months convincing myself that I could still go at 110 percent; and I didn't need any help from anyone. I'm pretty sure that did more harm than good. This time around, I value family and friends who offer to help; and I relish the time to let my body do its thing and create a human being. It puts everything into perspective when I think about that reality.

My email tells me that little arms and legs are starting to protrude from my baby's body; something to join his/her little tail that is shrinking. Already its the size of a blueberry! We get an ultrasound at 10 weeks (we purposely pushed it off so we could see the baby just a tiny bit more gummy bear and less tadpole looking). I'm so excited.

I've been thinking a lot about finding out the gender. I'm leaning toward not (if I can convince my hubby). What do you think? Pros and cons of each?


Steph said...

I totally get what you mean about your daughter turning into a cuddle bug! Cady has been that way to me also! Its like they know that we need a hug and that we need to rest and so they just turn into tiny car takers! I personally HAVE to find out the sex! Lol! I cant wait! I need to be prepared! :-) But I have talked to a lot of other moms that I know that I pregnant as well and I have noticed that a lot of them arent finding out this time around. They want it to be a surprise. But like I said, I personally have to find out! Lol!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

We already have a boy and a girl, so we figured we'd let this one surprise us. We also felt very comfortable doing the surprise thing because we genuinely are happy having a boy or girl. It's been tough. Our OB does an ultrasound at each visit, so it's been tough because he does VERY short ultrasounds with us b/c there's not much to look at if you don't want to chance seeing a crotch shot. Also I feel like I'm not quite as bonded this time to this genderless baby. We're having a terrible time picking out names for either gender. It'd be kinda nice to be able to focus on boy or girl names. Also, very hard to prepare for the baby. I've been sewing up gender neutral bibs, burp cloths, but clothes are a bit tougher. But even with all that I think it will be an amazing pay off when we go through labor and then get to meet our new little boy or girl.

Joy said...

I too noticed such a difference the 2nd time around. And my daughter is a great big sis, though she can get bossy at times. I wanted to find out the gender for planning on what items I could get rid of and what I needed to buy. We bought a pink/brown swing, stroller, etc so I needed to know if I needed to replace those things. Plus, I clean out her closet every couple of months and donate clothes. So I wanted to know if I needed to save any of those items or if I could keep giving them away. I'm too much of a planner/organizer to not find out.

This Is Us said...

I just love a surprise baby and reacted too quickly and left a comment on FB, but I should have commented here. If you're the kind of person that feels they need to plan for everything, then not finding out would definitely be a con. Since we're a budget conscious family and a little bit hippie, we loved having a surprise and considered the anticipation a definite plus. I don't believe in boy colors or girl colors, prefer green and brown to blue and pink, and have no qualms about putting a boy in a flowery bib. We welcomed all hand-me-downs and loaners with Sophie and were happy with whatever color because we didn't have to pay for them. That being said, it may be a benefit to not know on the first because you automatically think about the gender of future children when making purchases. For example, we purposely bought a gender neutral car seat and bedding. I've heard, but can't confirm, that women who don't know the gender of their baby perceive labor as being less painful. Definite pro!

Sarah said...

Either way, (just sooner vs. later) it is always a surprise, but I really think that there is nothing like the It's a Boy! or It's a Girl! right at birth. (but then I just avoided ultrasounds altogether, so finding out wasn't really a discision I had to personally make) I hear from my sister that the one time she knew ahead of time it was really neat during labor when she was being encouraged "here HE comes, HE's almost here". CONGRATULATIONS and Hope you are feeling better soon!