Six Weeks Prego

Today marks six weeks in my pregnancy. My most recent babycenter email says that my baby is a mere quarter of an inch (quite a lot of growth since last week's "grain of rice"). He/she is developing eyes, nose holes, ears, an over-sized head, leg and arm buds, intestines and his pituitary gland. Yikes, that's one busy baby.

Meanwhile, this WAHM has officially started plugging her nose when entering the kitchen (last pregnancy I could smell the open refrigerator from across the house, no joke); begging friends for non-ginger nausea remedies (the smell and taste of ginger actually makes things worse for me); mentally correcting every person who has misused the words nauseous and nauseated (I am nauseated. If I was nauseous, I would be causing those around me to feel sick too--which if throwing up begins, I may qualify for); and spending as much time as possible on the couch.

This time I paid for an eight-week kickboxing class because I am determined to stay more active (and since I'm eating every hour, I really need to keep my metabolism up). So far I've made it to 3 of the first 12 classes, but it's more than I can say for last pregnancy. I feel like I'm cheating most of the time. My classmates do not know about my pregnancy yet, so I just look like the lame mom who takes a water break every 30 seconds, only lifts her legs halfway for kicks, and uses two mats underneath her for floor exercises. Plus, I have to stay away from lower ab exercises, so I try to avoid eye contact during the times I'm doing a lame crunch while everyone else is elevating their legs simultaneously with holding up their upper bodies and screaming in tortured pain.

Also, before I got pregnant last time, I talked of having a large family, minimum of four kids. But once my first trimester and morning sickness (an evil lie--it's not just in the mornings!) came with all of its glory, I quickly changed my story to "one kid at a time." Funny how quickly you forget why you said something that serious. Well, this week, I remembered. I, once again, am back to reasoning that I will take pregnancy one kid at a time . . . and since this pregnancy has not proven to be any different from the first, I sincerely wonder how I will manage this again with two children running around the house. Alas, I'm sure I'll forget this feeling, and after a couple of years, I'll again be dreaming of my six-member family.

Finally, the anticipation for my first ultrasound is pretty intense. Why? Because twins run deep in both my husband's and my family. I've heard it comes from the dad's side; it comes from the mom's side; it skips a generation; fraternal twins are more likely to repeat; etc. Well, we qualify for all of those statements. All. Of. Them. My hubby's brothers are twins; my dad's a twin; my dad would skip my generation which means my kids would be twins; my dad's a fraternal twin. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! We've decided to try and delay the ultrasound until ten weeks for this reason--we want there to be as much chance as possible to see if one or two little guys are swimming around in there.

Oh, on the upside, I have found a personal nausea remedy that is really good for me--baby spinach. If I include it in my meal, especially as a salad, I find the nausea leaves for hours on end. Ahhh, sweet normal stomach. Oh, and Icebreakers Sours help too--that one I figured out last time! I hear Preggie Pops are similar--so I may try those soon.



Mommy said...

We saw our girls at 5 weeks when I thought I was miscarrying- two little round bubbles with a little filament running through each. I hear it's generally not a problem to see them this early as long as they do a cervical ultrasound. I would definitely wish twins on you! Immense joy!

Mommy said...

OH - and they also told me that the hormones that cause the "morning" sickness is tied to the fetus, not the pregnancy, so it is often worse with twins. I had a much easier time this around carrying just one.

Joy said...

"I would definitely wish twins on you! Immense joy!" That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard a mother of twins say. So wonderful. Thank you for that smile.

farmhouse wares said...

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by and congratulations! I remember morning sickness--horrible. I always remember one friend that tried to keep me healthy by cooking me a salmon dinner. I practically threw her and her salmon out of the house because the smell was doing me in. You and my hubby would get along well, as he's always correcting my use of nauseous. :0